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CEU Courses for Physical Therapitsts and Nurses


Catherine Cram has created prenatal and postpartum exercise courses in affiliation with Medbridge that provide continuing education credit for:

Physical and Occupational Therapists | Athletic Trainers | Nurses

Medbridge offers comprehensive courses that provide:

  • Evidence-based courses, live patient demos, and interactive learning assessments
  • Home Exercise Program
  • Thousands of exercises vetted by industry professionals with easy patient access
  • Patient Education
  • 3D models, animated videos, and handouts customizable to meet your client’s needs
Prenatal Courses

Current Guidelines for Prenatal Fitness

This course will provide students with a detailed overview of current prenatal fitness guidelines, warning signs and symptoms, and exercise modification techniques. Research findings on the effects of exercise on maternal and fetal health will be examined, and the impact of fitness training on the physiological changes of pregnancy will be discussed. Guidelines for modifying exercise intensity, duration, frequency, and type throughout pregnancy for comfort and safety will be provided. Strength, flexibility, and proper lifting guidelines will be reviewed. The information provided in this course will allow health care professionals to provide evidence-based prenatal fitness guidelines and exercise training information to their clients, as well as aid them in creating a safe and effective fitness program in a class setting.


Get More Information on Prenatal Fitness Guidelines here.

Postpartum Fitness

Postpartum Fitness Program Design

This course provides current guidelines for exercise during the postpartum period, warning signs and symptoms, and recommendations for when it is safe to start exercising after delivery. The four components of exercise intensity, duration, frequency, and type are discussed, and techniques for assisting postpartum women with common conditions that may affect exercise tolerance are demonstrated. This course is appropriate for health care professionals who work with postpartum women in a clinic or class setting.


Get More Information on Postpartum Fitness Program Design.

“In the absence of a Service-wide conditioning/reconditioning program for Airmen who are pre/post-partum, the Air Force relied on the education/training outlined in the Catherine Cram’s hand-outs and online resources. The materials provided by Ms. Cram provided standardized and evidence-based information, which was essential in the program development of the AF programs.”
Dr. Nita Hawk, Ed.D. CHES/ACSM
Health Promotion Program Manager/Fitness Analyst Defense Health Headquarters/AFMSA
“I had the amazing opportunity to not only attend, but to host Catherine’s training for her comprehensive course, Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design. Attendees left feeling prepared to dispel the common myths and misconceptions regarding exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, prepared to modify for common aches/pains and well aware of their professional responsibilities. I have implemented so much of what we learned into practice and continue to rely on the course to guide me in my practice. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to truly fortify their knowledge base and confidence level!”
Maura Shirey, RN, CPFE
Owners, Bodies for BirthTM
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